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Splish Splash

Splish Splash

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The shinobi students have been invited to a mysterious water gun competition called the "Peach Beach Splash" tournament, or PBS for short. (Believe it or not, it's an ancient shinobi tradition.) The tournament's true purpose is a shinobi secret, but regardless, a huge, bubbly water battle is about to begin!

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Want to see more of the girls when they're off the clock? Check out the Paradise Episodes, side stories that follow different groups of the girls as they search for ghosts, work on a comic, or role-play out a fantasy adventure!

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Ready for a straight-up brawl without all that plot in the way? Take the V-Road Challenge, and pit your custom team against all comers in twenty rounds of escalating battle for greater and greater rewards!

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Or play online, and face other players in three different competitive modes — or join forces with them in Co-Op Survival!

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Water Guns

Load up! Choose from ten different water guns, each with its own range, water consumption, and power. Each gun has two different firing modes, and each one affects your jumping and dashing as well as your shooting. You can also level up each gun individually, changing both its appearance and its performance. Finally, you can pull off melee attacks – tricky, but stunningly powerful when they hit.

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Customize your character's fighting skills with hundreds and hundreds of different collectible cards! They come in three varieties: Weapons, Skills, and summonable Pets. Choose a Weapon card, three Pet cards, and three Skill cards to match your fighting style of choice. Then level up those cards, and the card for your chosen character, by spending the extra duplicate cards in your collection.

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You can acquire more cards in packs of 10, either by purchasing them from the Store with in-game currency or by winning them in battle.

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Dressing Room

The beloved Dressing Room makes its return in Peach Beach Splash, this time with even more options! With a wide variety of outfits, accessories, poses, and interactions to choose from, the Dressing Room has never been more fun.

Too shy to speak? Say it with water! You can spray your dressing room partner in a variety of different colors.

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Get up to five girls together for group poses in the Diorama mode, now with all-new poses and backdrops!

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Accessories are easier to adjust than ever. Fine-tune each girl's look to your heart's desire.

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Buy outfits, accessories, hairstyles and more with in-game currency. You can ask any one of the girls to run the shop now, and they all have different ways to greet and thank you!

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Squirmy Finishes!

Your opponent is at your feet and at your mercy. Now it's time to pour out the wrath of your...rubber duckie? Hose down your defeated foes for extra points (and a few other extras too)!

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